Wax Melts - Summer Daze (Coconut)

Wax Melts - Summer Daze (Coconut)

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Evoke Lifestyle wax melts are made with only the finest quality ingredients. These wax melts are free from controversial ingredients and the soy wax used is 100% natural. The fragrance oils sourced from top suppliers. 



Coconut has a sweet, fruity, and creamy scent and is offset with a burst of summer ever so often. It’s a gorgeous fragrance with a fresh, tropical, and clean scent, which makes it perfect for the warmer months.


Wax Melt care instructions:

We recommend using 1-2 wax melts blocks depending on the room size and desired intensity. Once all the fragrance has evaporated, dispose by pouring liquid wax from the melting bowl.

Do not throw hot wax down the sink. This was is cleanable with warm water and soap. If fragrance remains, leave to cool and harden.

The wax can be reheated and topped up with fresh blocks to boost aroma.